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All I want for Christmas is….peaceAll I want for Christmas is….peaceTrey Sharp, Dec 9, 2017
All I want for Christmas is….loveAll I want for Christmas is….loveTrey Sharp, Dec 2, 2017
The Trust FundThe Trust FundTrey Sharp, Nov 18, 2017
My FatherMy Father's HouseTrey Sharp, Nov 11, 2017
LifeLife's not fair! Praise the Lord!Trey Sharp, Nov 4, 2017
The Protestant Reformation Part 2The Protestant Reformation Part 2Trey Sharp, Oct 28, 2017
The Protestant Reformation Part 1The Protestant Reformation Part 1Trey Sharp, Oct 21, 2017
A long journey to nowhereA long journey to nowhereTrey Sharp, Oct 14, 2017
The Journey of CommunionThe Journey of CommunionTrey Sharp, Oct 7, 2017
The Lost CoinThe Lost CoinTrey Sharp, Sep 30, 2017
Lost and FoundLost and FoundTrey Sharp, Sep 23, 2017
Are you satisfied?Are you satisfied?Trey Sharp, Sep 16, 2017
God's Hidden KingdomTrey Sharp, Sep 9, 2017
God uses small things for His KingdomGod uses small things for His KingdomTrey Sharp, Aug 26, 2017
A blind man with 20/20 visionA blind man with 20/20 visionTrey Sharp, Aug 12, 2017
A Fresh StartA Fresh StartTrey Sharp, Aug 5, 2017
God is at work everywhereGod is at work everywhereTrey Sharp, Jul 29, 2017
Count Me In!Count Me In!Trey Sharp, Jul 8, 2017
Wash my feet, Wash my heartWash my feet, Wash my heartTrey Sharp, Jul 1, 2017
Wanna Get Away?Wanna Get Away?Trey Sharp, Jun 17, 2017
The Blessing of Financial ObedienceThe Blessing of Financial ObedienceTrey Sharp, Jun 10, 2017
The Power of The TongueThe Power of The TongueTrey Sharp, May 27, 2017
Spread The WordSpread The WordTrey Sharp, May 20, 2017
A Date With God - Part 2A Date With God - Part 2Trey Sharp, May 13, 2017
A Date With God - Part 1A Date With God - Part 1Trey Sharp, May 6, 2017
Well-intentioned DragonsWell-intentioned DragonsTrey Sharp, Apr 22, 2017
How To Tame LionsHow To Tame LionsTrey Sharp, Apr 8, 2017
You’ve Gotta BelieveYou’ve Gotta BelieveTrey Sharp, Apr 1, 2017
The Great ArchitectThe Great ArchitectTrey Sharp, Mar 25, 2017
Built To LastBuilt To LastTrey Sharp, Mar 18, 2017
FocusFocusTrey Sharp, Mar 4, 2017
A Work In ProgressA Work In ProgressTrey Sharp, Feb 25, 2017
Hannah’s HopeHannah’s HopeTrey Sharp, Feb 18, 2017
The Reluctant WarriorThe Reluctant WarriorTrey Sharp, Feb 11, 2017
The Presence of GodThe Presence of GodTrey Sharp, Feb 4, 2017
Lean on MeLean on MeTrey Sharp, Jan 28, 2017
Passionate PrayerPassionate PrayerTrey Sharp, Jan 21, 2017
How’s Your Garden GrowingHow’s Your Garden GrowingTrey Sharp, Jan 14, 2017
When We Come Together - CommunionWhen We Come Together - CommunionTrey Sharp, Jan 7, 2017
Great ExpectationsGreat ExpectationsTrey Sharp, Dec 31, 2016
The Perfect GiftThe Perfect GiftTrey Sharp, Dec 17, 2016
Blue ChristmasBlue ChristmasTrey Sharp, Dec 10, 2016
What does God want for ChristmasWhat does God want for ChristmasTrey Sharp, Dec 3, 2016
Secrets for the Long Haul....Storm Warning Part 3Secrets for the Long Haul....Storm Warning Part 3Trey Sharp, Nov 19, 2016
Secrets for the Long Haul....Debt Free Part 2Secrets for the Long Haul....Debt Free Part 2Trey Sharp, Nov 12, 2016
Secrets for the Long Haul, Jesus….Acquaintance or Friend?? Part 1Secrets for the Long Haul, Jesus….Acquaintance or Friend?? Part 1Trey Sharp, Nov 5, 2016

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The purpose of the Holy ScripturesThe purpose of the Holy ScripturesClark Jacobs, Sep 2, 2017
The preservation of the Holy ScripturesThe preservation of the Holy ScripturesClark Jacobs, Jul 22, 2017
The Perfection of the Holy Scriptures Part 1The Perfection of the Holy Scriptures Part 1Clark Jacobs, Jul 15, 2017
Prayer Helps With BattlesPrayer Helps With BattlesClark Jacobs, Jun 24, 2017
My God CanMy God CanClark Jacobs, Jun 3, 2017
Christian CharacterChristian CharacterClark Jacobs, Apr 29, 2017
Belonging To ChristBelonging To Christ's FlockClark Jacobs, Mar 11, 2017
You Have a ComforterYou Have a ComforterClark Jacobs, Oct 29, 2016
The Blessing No One WantsThe Blessing No One WantsClark Jacobs, Oct 22, 2016
What is Jesus Trying to SayWhat is Jesus Trying to SayClark Jacobs, Oct 15, 2016
In Jesus’ Name, Amen                                       In Jesus’ Name, Amen Clark Jacobs, Oct 1, 2016
Testing God’s GuidanceTesting God’s GuidanceClark Jacobs, Sep 24, 2016
Great Commission Or Great OmissionGreat Commission Or Great OmissionClark Jacobs, Sep 17, 2016
The Church Called Christian Part 2The Church Called Christian Part 2Clark Jacobs, Sep 10, 2016
The Church Called Christian Part 1The Church Called Christian Part 1Clark Jacobs, Sep 3, 2016
A Praying ChurchA Praying ChurchClark Jacobs, Aug 6, 2016
Building Barns, Postponing LifeBuilding Barns, Postponing LifeClark Jacobs, Jul 30, 2016
Harmony Within The FamilyHarmony Within The FamilyClark Jacobs, Jul 23, 2016
Choices and ConsequencesChoices and ConsequencesClark Jacobs, Jul 16, 2016
The Adequacy Of FaithThe Adequacy Of FaithClark Jacobs, Jul 9, 2016
The Lords SupperThe Lords SupperClark Jacobs, Jul 2, 2016
The Best Of Your LifeThe Best Of Your LifeClark Jacobs, Jun 25, 2016
Team Work Is Dream WorkTeam Work Is Dream WorkClark Jacobs, Jun 18, 2016
Growing Up In OutreachGrowing Up In OutreachClark Jacobs, Jun 4, 2016
Sabbath At The CrossSabbath At The CrossClark Jacobs, May 28, 2016
We Are GodWe Are God's TempleClark Jacobs, May 21, 2016
We Are The Salt of The EarthWe Are The Salt of The EarthClark Jacobs, May 7, 2016
A Stone From: The Rolled StoneA Stone From: The Rolled StoneClark Jacobs, Mar 26, 2016
Lessons From The Life of JonahLessons From The Life of JonahClark Jacobs, Mar 12, 2016
Lessons From The Life of DanielLessons From The Life of DanielClark Jacobs, Feb 13, 2016
GodGod's Formula For SuccessClark Jacobs, Feb 6, 2016
An Unforgettable BaptismAn Unforgettable BaptismClark Jacobs, Jan 9, 2016
New BeginningsNew BeginningsClark Jacobs, Jan 2, 2016

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Now, God?”Now, God?”Matthew Hanson, Nov 25, 2017
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Are You HealedAre You HealedNorm Zimmerman, Oct 8, 2016
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Revival & The Holy SpiritRevival & The Holy SpiritMark Finley, Aug 20, 2016
Seeing JesusSeeing JesusOtavio McKenzie, Aug 13, 2016
Between The Devil & The Deep Red Sea (Sermon cut short by power failure)Between The Devil & The Deep Red Sea (Sermon cut short by power failure)Ron Carlson, Jun 11, 2016
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The MessiahThe Messiah's TableAndy Moseley, Apr 30, 2016
A Praying ChurchA Praying ChurchDave Smith, Apr 23, 2016
Abraham The PeacemakerAbraham The PeacemakerAndy Moseley, Apr 16, 2016
Famine, Fear & FailureFamine, Fear & FailureAndy Moseley, Apr 2, 2016
Promises, Altars & TentsPromises, Altars & TentsAndy Moseley, Mar 19, 2016
Be A BlessingBe A BlessingAndy Moseley, Mar 5, 2016
But I DonBut I Don't Know Anything About GodRobert Fetrick, Feb 27, 2016
A New StartA New StartAndy Moseley, Feb 20, 2016
Can You Pay My WayCan You Pay My WayRobert Fetrick, Jan 30, 2016
Jesus Stands StillJesus Stands StillRon Carlson, Jan 23, 2016