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More and more scientific research have confirmed what Seventh-day Adventists have believed and taught for almost 150 years – that a balanced vegetarian diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains is a healthier way to live.

When this teaching was first presented to the American
public, it was laughed off as 'nutty'. Today, the Seventh-day Adventist diet is adopted by millions. What started as a revelation from God at a time when the average doctor prescribed smoking as a treatment for asthma, is no longer a purely faith-based alternative.

We realize that without a helping hand, many will find the learning curve for vegetarian cooking to be rather steep. Therefore, we are planning to offer Nutrition classes as part of our health education emphasis for 2009. These will be held in our Better Living Center, and they will include demonstrations, samples and a recipe book made available to each attendee. Stay tuned for more info!

Helpful facts, figures, and recipes :