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Insight's mission is to reach the full spectrum of Seventh-day Adventist teenagers with a magazine that helps them grow in a friendship with God; solve life's problems; choose positive Christian values and principles to live by; provide an Internet forum for discussion and interaction with other SDA teens. These goals will be met through editorials, true dramatic
stories, readers' letters, devotionals, and advice columns.

Over fifty years since the first issue, and the goal of Listen Magazine remains the same-teach kids about the consequences of drugs, offer help to those already involved, and promote the benefits of healthy living:


Young Disciple Online includes Christian resources for kids and teens!  If you're looking for witnessing ideas, fellowship with Christian kids, or a closer walk with the Lord, then this is a slam dunk.

Audioverse is a popular audio sermon-and-more website that is challenging both for the mind and the heart for young Adventists who want to grow up in Christ. 

Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC), formerly General Youth Conference, is a grassroots Adventist movement organized and led by young adults from diverse backgrounds.     


Army of Youth
is an online community providing networking, resources, training, and ministry resources for young people who are serious about taking the three angels' messages to the world. 

    Guide Magazine's mission is to show 10- to 14-year-old readers, through stories that illustrate Bible truth, how to walk with God now and forever. Puzzles and games challenge readers to think and learn in a fun way. A weekly Bible study helps young people understand how God works in our world.

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If you come across inspiring Adventist websites that are not included here, please get in touch with the YouthSpace webmaster!