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    Guide Magazine's mission is to show 10- to 14-year-old readers, through stories that illustrate Bible truth, how to walk with God now and forever. Puzzles and games challenge readers to think and learn in a fun way. A weekly Bible study helps young people understand how God works in our world.

You will really enjoy these great and inspiring Adventist Mission Stories from around the world       
Ellen White Visionary for Kids is a really cool online magazine from the Ellen G. White estate
Listen to stories about our pioneers in Pathways of the Pioneers
 Burney's Critter Corner includes 65 different stories, paintings and wallpapers of all kinds of critters. Enjoy!
In  Primary Treasure you can read stories, play games and do fun activities that will help you learn more about how much Jesus loves you  

Our Little Friend
does the same as Primary Treasure, but for the very youngest. Enjoy games, stories and activities that help you know how Jesus loves you!

   Cool, educational sites for
   school-age kids: